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Past Events

Below are past events put on by the MCNA through the generous support of Mariner Cove residents.

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2020 Halloween
Home Decorating Contest

Check out the winners of the Halloween Home Decorating Contest.

2020 Halloween
Pumpkin Carving Contest

See the wonderful creative work and winners of the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Carol Dudgeon (Danielle).jpeg

2020 Santa On Firetruck

Santa visited Mariner Cove on December 11.

See photos and upload your own!

2020 Kids Winter Art Contest

See the amazing creativity submitted by the children in our neighborhood for the 2020 Kids Winter Art Contest.


2021 Easter Bunny Visit

Check out the photos of the Easter Bunny visiting our neighborhood.

2021 Spring Poetry Contest

Our neighborhood truly is filled with numerous aspiring poets! Thanks for all the wonderful submissions. It was really difficult, but we have selected the winners of the Poetry contest. 


2021 Halloween Parade

Our annual Halloween parade was a success. It was wonderful seeing all the families and the amazing costumes. 

2021 Santa On Firetruck

Santa visited Mariner Cove, taking photos with attendees and collecting donations for the needy. We enjoyed hot coco and treats too!

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_Reaching Out_ (Annabelle, age 13).jpeg

2022 Spring Art Contest

Our kiddos outdid themselves this year with beautiful art and sculptures.


Check out the winners of the Spring Art Contest!

2022 Easter Bunny Visit

The Easter Bunny visited Mariner Cove and the kids had a blast hunting for eggs with little treats.


2022 Summer BBQ & Potluck

We were so pleased to have the annual BBQ event back this year after having to cancel it due to COVID. We had a great turn out and hope you all enjoyed the food, games and fun.

2022 Halloween Parade

We had a wonderful turnout for this year's Halloween parade. It was wonderful seeing all the families and the amazing costumes. 

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