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Purpose of Disaster Drills

The main purpose of our neighborhood-wide drills is to reinforce training for our NRG Teams so that, when a major earthquake occurs, they will react effectively. The drills refresh our training in the use of two-way radios and they test our ability to respond to simulated injuries and hazards.

A second purpose is to create awareness of the work of the NRG teams among residents of Mariner Cove and to encourage neighbors to get involved.

We hold our drills twice a year on the days we change our clocks.

Before the Drill

  • We notify the Mariner Cove community because we need and expect their participation.

  • We ask residents to place the OK/HELP sign in their window and we recruit residents to act as victims with injuries.

  • We notify our Teams and remind them of their responsibilities. They report at a specific time and respond to the roll call from the Command Team.

During the Drill

  • Block Captains monitor their cluster of homes to check for the window signs - OK or HELP.

  • When they come upon a HELP sign, they record the details of the problem from the victims and report the problems via two-way radios to the Command Team.

  • The Block Captains stay at the sites of problems to help solve them. In addition to injuries, they might find evidence of hazards such as fire, gas leaks or structural damage.

  • The Command Team responds with solutions to the problems reported by the Block Captains. They might send Medical personnel or a Search and Rescue Team.

  • The Command Team has communication access with neighboring NRGs for mutual aid. They also can send word of the most dire problems to the authorities at the county level.

All members of the NRG Team are your neighbors and are volunteers. To learn more about how to volunteer and the responsibilities of each role, click here.


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