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2022 Spring Art Contest

Thank you for all the wonderful art submissions. It has been amazing to see the creativity and artistry of the children in our neighborhood. All the submissions have been reviewed and the winners for the 2022 Spring Art Contest are listed below by age group.


The top winners have received their prizes, and goodie bags were given to all participants.

Ages 3 - 6 Art Contest Winners

1st Place

"A Rainbow" by Everly

2nd Place

"Spring Flowers" by Lucas

3rd Place

"Crazy Machine" by Ira

Ages 3 - 6 Art Contest Entries

Ages 7+ Art Contest Winners

1st Place

"Reaching Out" by Annabelle

2nd Place

"Spring Cake" by Maddie

3rd Place

"Already a Dystopia" by Lily

Ages 7+ Art Contest Entries