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How to Prepare

Types of Events

In the NRG program, we like to say that you are your best first responder and that you need to be ready to respond to three disaster or emergency situations - earthquake, wildfire and PSPS.



  • We have been told that following a major earthquake, we may not see a uniformed first responder for two to five days and that we have to be prepared to take care of ourselves for that time.

  • You need to have supplies on hand to get you and your family and your pets through safe and sound.


  • In a wildfire situation, you need to have prepared your family with an evacuation plan and with the bare essentials you need to take with you.


Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)

  • If you are dependent on electric power for your medical security, you need to be ready for a PSPS event.



  • AlertMarin.orgSign up on this site to receive emergency alerts from the Sheriff’s Office. Here is a link to instructions on how to register there and at other key sites. It is essential that you register to receive these alerts so you receive instructions and advice as it is issued. If you do just one thing, do this!

  • - The official Sheriff’s Office preparedness site. This link takes you to recommended lists of supplies for your home emergency kit and your grab and go bag. 

  • Firesafemarin.orgComplete information about wildfire safety.

  • Marinhumane.orgGo to this page for information on classes and disaster preparedness for pets.

  • - has much information on the NRG program and additional preparedness information.

  • - Go to this PG&E page to learn about Public Safety Power Shutoffs and to register for their alert system.

  • - A digital and customizable tool to walk you through the steps to prepare for disaster. Developed by an NRG leader.

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