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NRG Events

UPCOMING DRILLS: Sunday, November 6th.

Our next NRG earthquake disaster drill will be on November 6, 2022 when Daylight Savings Time ends. 


There will be incidents of damage and hurt people in the neighborhood. Our Block Captains will locate them and will get the info to Command Center where help will be summoned either locally from our medical teams or from CERT or First Responders.  


We count on all of our Mariner Cove Residents to place their OK/ HELP signs in their windows at this drill, to do their part in this practice.  


Our Block Captains are our angels in these drills along with the tremendous effort from The Command Team & Medical folks at the trailer. We have more than 100 people working in this team!  


We thank our community for being wise and working with us on these drills. We also need everyone to support us by maintaining their membership in Mariner Cove Neighborhood Association.  


Join us! 

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