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What We Do

Our goal is to ensure that all households are prepared for the disasters and emergencies we may face, and to muster an organized response to the best of our abilities.


We have an amazing team of people who have stepped up to volunteer with the Mariner Cove Neighborhood Response Group.


The team is comprised of:


  • Their job is to gather information and report it by radio to the Command Team.

  • They're likely the first people you’ll see in an earthquake emergency. They are your neighbors who volunteered to monitor your street to see if you are OK or NEED HELP.

  • Please work with them when they knock on your door to get an update your family, or ask you to assist during a drill. When the real incident happens, you will be very glad to have them! 


  • They're responsible for managing the NRG emergency response effort.

  • They control communications within our neighborhood by walkie-talkie, communicate our needs and conditions to the civil authorities, and do their best to respond to individual needs following the earthquake.


  • They're comprised of doctors and nurses (active and retired) who are there to help in case of an emergency. They staff the Medical Unit as part of the Command Team at our Command Post. 



  • This group is made up of community leaders who coordinate the overall effort.

  • As coordinators, we work with government authorities and professional responders via Twin Cities Disaster Preparedness Council, CERT (a volunteer group authorized under federal law) and others.

  • We try to keep the team sharp, informed and in practice. We plan drills, share ideas, address issues and provide information. We critique our program and work to make it better.   

Our Mariner Cove Disaster Teams keep their skills sharp by working two drills a year – held on the days we change our clocks forward/back. 

To learn more about how to volunteer and the responsibilities of each role, click here.

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