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Our 2021 Spring Poetry Contest was a success!

Spring Poetry Contest

The Mariner Cove board was blown away by all the poetry entries and we think you will be too! As you will see, our neighborhood is filled with wonderful, aspiring poets. 

We have reviewed all the submitted entries and selected the winners of the contest. The top winners will receive $50 (1st place), $35 (2nd place) and $20 (3rd place) gift certificates to Book Passage. All participants will receive a fun goody bag filled with a decorative journal, pens and candy. We will be reaching out to the participants about collecting their prizes soon.

The winners of the contest are outlined below. Click on the entry to enlarge it. The rest of the amazing entries will be posted soon.

Ages 6-9 Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place

"A Baseball Game"
by Tyler (9 years old)

2nd Place

by Shelby (6 years old)

3rd Place

"Yellow Leaf"

by Lydia (8 years old)

Ages 10-13 Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place

"Earth's Teachings"

by Lukas (13 years old)

2nd Place
"Beautiful Creations of the Author"
by Lily (11 years old)
3rd Place

"Touch of Glee"

by Marko (10 years old)

Ages 6-9 Entries

Ages 10-13 Entries

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