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MCNA Board Role: Newsletter

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Brief description of your role

Work with MCNA President and Committee Chairs to collect content for The Mariner Cove Neighborhood Newsletter. Edit, design and provide general oversight for the production of the semi-annual newsletter which is hand-delivered to 450 homes in Mariner Cove, usually in January and July. 

Time commitment - monthly/annually

From start to finish approximately 4 to 6 weeks for each edition with most of the commitment the last couple weeks. 

Rough timeline for newsletter:

  • Email Board requesting content within 2 weeks time

  • Collate content and create rough layout of newsletter

  • Remind Board to submit all content by specific deadline

  • Proof newsletter with assistance from other Board Members

  • Finalize newsletter content and layout 

  • Submit print file to printer

  • Collect printed newsletters from printer

  • Collate any inserts, including membership envelopes, into newsletters

  • Request assistance from Board to hand-deliver newsletters in timely manner

  • Provide PDF of final newsletter to Web Chair to post on MCNA website

Rough timeline for membership envelopes:

  • Review current membership envelope and work with Membership Chair and President on any edits

  • Membership envelopes are usually ordered and printed separately to save costs

Relevant technology you use to complete the task

Experience with desktop publishing or word processing is a must

Meetings you must attend

Quarterly Board Meetings

Projects and/or events you manage

Semi-annual Newsletter

Membership Envelopes

Annual budget

$1900 for 2020

Any other information you think is important

  • Newsletter includes, but is not limited to, reports from MCNA President and Committees, details of previous events with photos, ads for upcoming events and classified ads

  • Work with printing vendor(s) of your choice. Historically, we have worked with these vendors:

Dawn Smith worked with Les (Leslie) at Ram Print and Communications for newsletters., 800 Redwood Highway Frontage Rd #804, Mill Valley, CA 94941, (415) 383-9000, — Wendy Robinow worked with Derek Knell at Alphagraphics for newsletters., 3000 Kerner Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94901, (415) 459-5409x12, — Both Dawn Smith and Wendy Robinow worked with Abby’s Printing (online) for membership envelopes., 3109 Broadmoor Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512, (616) 949-3400, or

  • Historically, newsletters and envelopes have been printed in black and white to keep costs at a minimum. Colored paper can be used for the newsletters

  • Order extra newsletters and envelopes to provide to Board for Welcome Committee, etc. 75 extra (525 total) of each should be sufficient 

  • Historically, printing has been prepaid for by the Newsletter Chair who then seeks reimbursement from the MCNA Treasurer

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