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MCNA Board Role: Neighborhood Response Group (NRG)

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Brief description of your role

  • Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) Leader

  • Oversee and coordinate all disaster response issues for the 450 homes in Mariner Cove

  • Ongoing communication with the community and our 98-member disaster team to keep them updated / prepared on earthquake, flood & fire issues, which continually change

  • Train and keep members informed on disaster procedures and best practices

  • Work with the Town of Corte Madera, CERT, Central Marin Fire and Central Marin NRG to assist in communication on disaster planning

  • Inform every homeowner of standard disaster procedures and encourage compliance

  • Obtain and update the homeowner’s emergency data yearly and ongoing as needed

  • Schedule and manage the bi-annual disaster drills for Mariner Cove

  • Oversee the Emergency Trailer and its contents at the Cove School

  • Provide radios and medical bags for Block Captains and Medical Teams

  • Provide material for the NRG website as needed

  • Communicate with other NRGs to share needs and ideas

Time commitment - monthly/annually

  • Almost impossible to say~ this by its nature is a full time job.

  • It has been a shared job and should continue to be because of its demands and urgent nature

  • Preparation for drills begins (3) months before each drill

Relevant technology you use to complete the task


Meetings you must attend

  • Board meetings quarterly

  • Town Disaster meetings monthly

  • Advisory Committee meeting monthly

Projects and/or events you manage

  • Bi-annual drills

  • Training sessions

Annual budget

Approximately $1000

Any other information you think is important

The leadership positions here require a very strong commitment

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